Paralysed by the headlights of the oncoming car

I have often wondered what makes the rabbit or deer stay, motionless, when in the path of an oncoming car or vehicle at night.

If only I knew the answer and how it could be “corrected” I could stop doing it myself.

In the face of a multitude of very important things to do, which must be done quickly, I stand there, with the headlights on me, on full beam, the vehicle coming straight for me and I cannot act; I can do nothing except write this. And, the closer the car gets, the more difficult it is to move even though I know the danger I am in.

Even if I start to move, I get distracted by the host of other things to do; like I had made one move forward but then I thought that, actually, I should make the move in the opposite direction and, so, I stop, paralysed once more.

I know that part of the problem, with some of the things to do, is the wish that things did not have to change; some of them just take some effort (not difficult work, though) to do; some of them can only be done after something else has been done but the thought of the thing to do stops me from doing the first thing.

This is nothing new. I have always been like this and, once I start to do the thing, I am always amazed at how easy or quick it seemed to be and I promise myself that, next time, I will not be motionless but will act immediately – until the next time when the same thing happens.

And, I promise myself that, at any minute now, I will start with the first thing – until the second or third thing fills my head and I do nothing.

So here I am, doing nothing of importance, convincing myself that, as soon as I post this I will start on something.

Maybe I will do something but more likely I will postpone everything, at least for 5 minutes until……..

2 thoughts on “Paralysed by the headlights of the oncoming car

  1. Hi Andy-
    Wow, I so get what you are writing about. I, literally, become paralyzed when faced with danger. Once, when my daughter Jennifer was around three she was riding her three-wheeler bike in our driveway. As she rode down she began to veer to the neighbor’s driveway and the neighbor was backing out with her car. I saw Jennifer and the car coming closer and I FROZE, I couldn’t scream, I didn’t run to grab Jen off her bike, – nothing, I was paralyzed. Thank God the driver saw her and stopped –
    So, I literally become paralyzed. I think you may be writing of life’s necessary tasks? Yes? I, on the other hand am not. In regards to getting things done, I am usually diligent and perhaps even obsessive in completing.
    Fascinating stuff Andy, fascinating!
    Love Gail

  2. Yes, I understand your story. Doesn’t everything seem to happen in slow motion? And, yet, still you can’t stop it?
    You’re right, of course, I am talking about tasks in this case.

    Glad you find it interesting.

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