About this blog..

This is a VERY PERSONAL blog.  With a couple of exceptions, no real names are ever mentioned and the people and places may well be fictitious.  If you think it’s about you…..it isn’t……it’s all about me!

This is a collection of my thoughts, my feelings, my view of things in my life.  Some of it is not at all real, since it is all in my head and so, is only my interpretation of the reality………….which is an entirely different thing from the actual reality.

If you think something is about you and you don’t like it then either don’t read it or don’t bitch about it.  If you want to stop being my friend then that is OK because it means you didn’t read it properly and, therefore, don’t understand me at all and, therefore, probably, we shouldn’t be friends.  Although that is a shame because, if you’ve made it to the blog then you are a part of my life and important enough to me to be mentioned here (think about it for a while).

But I have never intentionally meant to hurt anyone and am sorry if you feel that way.  Since you haven’t been mentioned by name then no one else will know! (Think about that too).

At the end of the day, it’s my thoughts only – and, even then, the thoughts only as I write them and we all have moments of madness, don’t we?

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3 thoughts on “About this blog..

  1. Hi,

    I came across your page and thought you might be interested in writing about two brothers who are currently on a food road trip through Italy.

    They will be constantly documenting their journey, so will be able to supply you with daily info/images/videos.

    Please feel free to write about this journey, embed our videos/images and share it with your friends.

    Please check out all the information below and contact me if you would like to know anything else.






    Travel Dates: 09/10/11 – 04/11/11

    Contact: Jess Luckett +44(0) 20 72426210 Jess@rampagestudio.co.uk

    • Hi,

      I had a quick look. Good luck to them. I’ll post your message as one of my posts. That should give them some (but only a little, I’m afraid) publicity :-)

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