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Supermarkets that open on Sundays + Supermarket Tales
The Supermarkets are open on Sunday!
I just don’t geddit

Felicity Lowde v Rachel North
It’s 19 years; Felicity Lowde and Rachel North – no better than each other
The all-new, singing, dancing Wild, Wild West

Primark in Milan (or not)
Primark in Milan? Why not?
There is No Primark in Milan

Posts on Serge Bodulovic
Lying, disrespectful, arrogant, child-like rich kids – or maybe that’s just Serge Bodulovic (or Egres Ludob)?
Serge Bodulovic updated
Well, erm, no actually

General stuff
Italian Drivers are NOT mad! It’s your perception that’s mad.
Can’t speak I am so angry/frustrated!
In Conversation with Christopher Hitchens
What’s your job? Italian job status v English job titles
Cry for Help – no Tetley’s tea-bags left!; Missing Christmas Cards; Ecopass (part 3)
The Great Panecone and Full-English Breakfast
‘They suffered immigration… they live in reservations’
Don’t be fooled! Italy is as conservative as you can get.
The Rose Sellers of Milan
A luv poim wot u mus reed
Perception; A picture of Michael Foot and tramp
Hawaiian Pizza in Milan?; Gay shirts!
Euronics – yes! Darty – never, never, never again!
Everyone should do something crazy once in a while, don’t you think?
Koolserve – erm, not really cool (or kool) at all!
Living in Italy has distinct advantages.

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