My Best Writing

So I’ve been told. This page contains links directly to the best pieces of writing, starting from the oldest piece. Right at the bottom are some posts about Dino. Enjoy. Note: I will add to the list should I write anything I think is worthwhile.

A Striking Moment Of Clarity
Showing my true feelings (not)
The voices in my head
From I’ve been thinking that I don’t really like Telecom Italia very much to I send an email but don’t send a text
The Price of Coffee and Plastic People
I write this post
The thing on my finger
Silence and laughter
Thoughts of a random nature
The Final Resting Place
It will be lovely when it’s finished
An interesting revelation
In a different country from me
Spit Roasting and Irrationality
The (stupid) games we play
Bits and Bobs from Unpublished Posts
Feeling like Frodo
I forgot to make you ugly
True Lies
Losing control
Some crap rambling
I am a bad, bad, BAD person.
The ordeal of the beach
This isn’t right, I know, but what can I do?
Nothing to fear except a lack of self-confidence itself!
The Kiss
The 1000th Post
Time travel; Foreign Travel
Am I dreaming or what?
A rabbit frozen in the headlights of an oncoming car. What happens next?
Waxworks, horror and frighteners, part I

These are posts about Dino, the most wonderful dog in the world
The first week with Dino
The second week with Dino
Dino’s new thing; I hear you have had some nice weather in the UK?
We need to talk about Dino

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