All about me..

Born: A long time ago.
From: The UK. Specifically, Herefordshire.
Worked: Ran an IT company for over 20 years, now I’m a Project Manager for an Italian company, a teacher of English, a copy editor and I look after and host websites.
Living: In the heart of Milan, Italy. I don’t speak Italian. Came here in 2005 and still here.
Partner: Yes, F. Previously V for about 21 years and previous to that, M for about 10 years.
Pets: Always Bearded Collies. Currently, Dino (7 in 2015) and Piero (3 in 2015).
Likes: Eating, drinking (alcohol), reading, films, Kickstarter, writing (here) and music.
Future: Retirement but not stopping working, more time on the beach, reading, watching more films, spending more time with the dogs and F

Read about the breakup with V from here (although it can be seen coming in earlier posts) to here (although there are some posts later, dealing with the aftermath, of course.)

Read about the realisation that I needed a new man from here and then the start of the search for the new man, including the start of the online dating period until I seem to have found F (originally named “Gordon” in my blog) and on from there until our first holiday and on and on.

Of course, V keeps popping up and up, from time to time but maybe less so now that he’s left Milan.

Also see this for my best writing and this for the most popular posts here and this if you’re a tourist or visitor who wants info on Milan.