Crazy numbers, equal chances – UPDATE!

OK, so, following Supermarket Soap’s comment in the post below, I decided that, as I had a two Euro coin lying on my desk, I would use those numbers, the second lot of which were, I assure you, totally random.

I went to buy the ticket and (not sure why or whatever) got an instant win of 5 Euro! It made me laugh, given SS’s comment. Perhaps this is my one and only win on the lottery?

Now, the question is – should I use the 5 euro and play another five lines or not?

6 thoughts on “Crazy numbers, equal chances – UPDATE!

  1. Good idea SS! Although, with all the lines I had, I actually won nothing else. Now the jackpot (for Tuesday) is 136 million Euro ;-)
    So, maybe I should try again? A my personal lottery number advisor, what do you think? :-D

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