Principal Qualities for an Italian Prime Minister.

Buzz Lightyear, having won the election is, no doubt, preening himself before the mirror at this very moment. Not that looks are so important to him but, well,……. they are.

In the meantime a conversation I had with a colleague over lunch today.

Colleague: He is very charismatic.
Me: Yes but I still don’t understand why Italy voted for him.
C: He is like Mussolini.
M: Why do you say that?

[already I am starting to choke with laughter on my (very nice) pasta with 4-cheese sauce]

C: Well, for Italians there are some characteristics that are essential for their Prime Minister:
He must be charismatic
He must be strong
He must be short

I am now laughing out loud. He adds:

And he must have very little hair.

I am in bits on the floor, figuratively speaking.

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