Perfect Yorkshire Pudding

OK.  This recipe has failed me only once.  Prior to using this recipe I used to hit good Yorkshires about 50% of the time – after using it I hit 100%.  The only reason it failed once was that it was my old cooker in the new flat which did not have settings for the oven (other than High, Low and Off).  This recipe makes about 12 – 15 small cake-sized puddings.


2 Eggs……………………….2 uova

3 oz Plain Flour………………85 g farina (tipo 00)

1/4 pint of Milk………………0.14 l latte

Salt and Pepper……………….sale e peppe

Some oil/lard…………………olio/strucco


Sieve flour into a bowl and add the salt and pepper (a bit of each to taste).  Break two eggs into the flour and mix well.  It is better using a mixer (like a Kenwood Chef).  Now add the milk, drizzling it in very slowly and making sure it mixes well to give a batter without any lumps.  Put into the fridge for at least 20 minutes.  (I have made it the day before and left it in the fridge until needed – but it needs a good whisk if you do that as it does separate).

Use a patty tin (like the cake tin to make small cakes – preferably with rounded bottoms to the individual cake parts).  Brush a little oil or melted lard over the tin and place in oven (the oven should be the hottest you can get – max, max, max!).  At this point anyway, you can take the meat out to rest – so it’s all perfect timing.

Once the oil/lard is hot (and smoking slightly is good – no, not you, the oil/lard!), take out of the oven and pour some of the batter in each one.  Put back into the oven for about 15 minutes until well risen and brown.  Try not to open the oven door too much or too early but they shouldn’t really deflate anyway.  Serve immediately with the meat and good gravy.  They are to-die-for!

Save any left over (if there are any) and you can have them with a spoonful of sugar when they are cold!

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