Well, erm, no actually

Just received an email from someone called Bye Bye (saygoodbye0088@ymail.com) which said:

Please take your blog off the internet ASAP.

That was it. No signature – nothing else.

Well, erm, no actually.

I mean why?

Who are you that you should tell me to take it off?

If you have some beef with it, then please email me. There must be a solution. Indeed, if you’re Serge Bodulovic, then there was a solution a long time ago. I didn’t like that you lied to me and I didn’t like that you did a runner owing me money when I had been nothing but kind, decent and considerate to you. The solution was to get your rich Daddy to pay up. Then this never would have been a problem. I’m still open to a recompense for the damage you caused and the extra work we had to do to clean your filthy mess when you disappeared that night.

If it is you, then why don’t you grow up and do the right thing?

4 thoughts on “Well, erm, no actually

    • Sorry, TSM. I’ve been on my hols but I’m back now. Sure, if you would like. Why not?

      Since then I’ve had a comment left on the main post I wrote about him from some guy called ‘Steve’. Not really a very bright comment but, then, not really a very bright person all round!

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