Are we thinking about Christmas?

I’m pretty sure that in all the years I was with V, I never did this so early.

And I’m a bit worried (of course I am :-|) that I’m being a bit presumptive but surely, as I think I’ve said before, one has to assume it’s going to go on forever otherwise, what’s the point?

And so, just an hour or so ago, I ordered the first Christmas present for F.

I know, I know. It’s not just early it’s disgusting and wrong on so many levels but I saw this thing and thought it would be a nice present and a) it may not be there or b) I will have forgotten about it by Christmas, so I thought – why not?

But I’m almost certain I have never before bought a Christmas present in February.

It makes me feel quite faint ;-)

3 thoughts on “Are we thinking about Christmas?

    • I know. I’ve even shocked myself – but there is an explanation. Since I find him difficult to buy for, if I see something, I feel I MUST get it.

      It’s a stupid thing really. Just a little, as we would say, stocking filler.

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