Why trusting the police becomes harder

This was a few days ago and I forgot to post it.

As if the kettling and the tasering and all the other stuff they (the police) now consider is reasonable, isn’t enough.

They lost my trust some time ago but this just goes to confirm my worst fears. One wonders how many other things are ‘let’ go by ordinary people thinking that the police actually know the law and are ‘right’?

Dreadful, dreadful, dreadful.

2 thoughts on “Why trusting the police becomes harder

  1. Andy – oh my goodness, that police guy should be fired. He was out to get her for no reason. He spun the situation to justify his mis-use of power. So unjust. I am not a fan of authority as so often people in authority/power use it to cause harm.
    Love to you

    • Hi Gail. Yes, it was very unjust. Unfortunately, it happens quite a lot in the UK now. the police have far too much power and have forgotten their real purpose and place in society.
      The politicians don’t really help, I’m afraid.

      It’s all wrong and something will have to be done to stop it happening but I don’t know what. :-(

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