I am really ready for this

The holiday starts next Friday and I can hardly wait.

I am so busy at the moment that I seem to not even have a second to myself. Of course, that’s an exaggeration – especially as every weekend we are away. But it does feel like it.

So, three weeks away (F is only coming the first two) – with time to relax, is definitely a need.

Who knows, we might even get to meet up with Lola. I’ve mentioned it to F and he thinks we might make Pietrasanta the place to meet as we’re supposed to go to some restaurant there. It’s run by the nephew or someone connected to the woman vet who has the umbrella just in front of us.

And we have to go to La Brace ‘cos F really wants to go there (we didn’t go last year).

And we have to do other things. Hmm. I can see it will be just as busy – but at least it will involve much eating and drinking ;-)

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4 thoughts on “I am really ready for this

  1. Hi Andy – enjoy :-) and I so would love to hang out and meet Lola too. I am just peeking my head out – still dizzy with sadness but managing. I miss my Mom terribly –
    Love you

    • Thanks Gail.
      Yes, I can imagine that you miss your Mum an awful lot. But she will always be with you – in your thoughts, in your mind. She lives on through you.

    • :-D
      F was thinking lunchtime rather than evening – but, being F, it could be changed. Obviously, we would have to bring the dogs :-D
      I await your email.

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