Yes, I want it, of course I want it.

He came up with it.

“I think it’s Paola’s flat,” he said.

I agreed to ask Rita, our “door lady”/concierge, downstairs.

We discussed the cost and we guessed at the “spese” (building expenses). We estimated that the cost would be rather good, actually, and we’d be quite lucky to find somewhere of the same sort of size for that price.

I didn’t even know he was looking but he had found it on the internet. In fact, after we had spent so much time together over Christmas, I’d thought that, maybe, he’d gone off the idea. It seems not.

The cost of moving would be very cheap on the basis that most of my stuff would be moved across the hallway.

Of course, it’s not perfect but it has 2 bedrooms, a small studio, a very large and beautiful lounge/diner. It could work.

We’d both save money on rent and I’d still be in the area that I love.

It’s a real possibility.

Rita said that it hadn’t been “restored” after Paola had done her damage when she left. But, I guess, if they found someone to take it, they would do that quite quickly.

So, let’s see. It would be much more convenient.

And the dogs would be much happier.

It could be really good.

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