It’s all about protecting you


I wonder, at what point will the British people rise up and revolt, really, against the changes being made to supposedly protect them?

There has been talk before (depending on where you read, of course) of Great Britain becoming a ‘police state’ and yes, it seems that there are some laws or changes that have been made with do cause some disquiet.

However, reading a couple of the latest stories (here and here), as well as numerous blogs (e.g. here), I find it hard to understand what is going on if it’s not turning into a police state.

From what I understood, the police work for us and so do the government (who make the laws upon which the police act). But something seems quite wrong, really, if innocent people, doing things that should> be fairly innocent, are surrounded by coppers thugs, handcuffed in the street for some time and then told, in the end, that it is for their safety.

I’m afraid (and I mean that in the true sense of the word) that, sooner or later, there will be a backlash. Certainly something has to happen. If nothing happens and no one cares enough then it seems like the terrorists won out in the end, destroying the freedom that we enjoyed in the UK by allowing the government (and their strong-arm boys, the Police) to make the UK resemble an old-style Fascist/Communist/Dictatorship state.

However, I’m sure this only happens in the bigger cities, so that’ll be alright, then, won’t it?

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