M5S Manifesto

Further to my last post, here is the manifesto, in English for the biggest vote-catching party in Italy at the recent elections.

Some of it you (and I) don’t get since it is the repeal of certain laws here.

However, most of it seems just like common sense. Doesn’t mean they could achieve it though.

M5S Plan for Government

In the meantime, there’s talk of another “Technical” government. That will be a whole new disaster, for sure.

And the leader of the left-wing majority coalition (who still need M5S to pass any laws) says he won’t try to win over Beppe Grillo.

And now some people are saying that BP should start talking to them – which, of course, he absolutely should not. His whole point has been that the people currently “in power” are corrupt and are the reason Italy is in bad shape. And he’d be right. If this thing is going to work, they (the M5S) HAVE to stay out of it.

As I’ve always said, for the politicians we have, the only way forward is to get rid of them all and start again – with people who will do it for the good of the population and not for the good of either themselves nor for the good of the bankers or big business.

But I’m not holding my breath.

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