Fuori Salone and walking – a lot.

Spring has, finally, arrived.

Well, until next Friday, at least.

And, for once, F hadn’t really been round the Fuori Salone (effectively the Furniture Fair Fringe) in Milan. The Salone di Mobili (Furniture Fair) is one of the most important exhibitions in Milan. It showcases the new design in Furniture from all over the world and is a huge event. To be honest, the actual Furniture Fair, held at the exhibition centre just outside Milan) is as boring as hell – unless you’re really into furniture design or in the business. But the Fringe, which is held in small showrooms and other places all over the centre of Milan, can be quite interesting.

F normally goes round during the week to get ideas and inspiration. This year, it was so cold and wet that he only went to a few places. And so, when Saturday morning dawned and the weather was stunning, he decided to go and visit some things. I and a friend of his also went with him.

We walked. And walked. And walked. F was very determined to walk.

We saw some stuff which was interesting and fun and great design. And, between shows, we went for an ice-cream in the sun. And then we went to see someone we knew and then we did some more and then we came home. At various places F met people he knew.

We went out in the evening for dinner with the friend and some of her friends (who were exhibiting) and had a lovely time.

On Sunday morning we took the dogs for a long, long walk and then, in the afternoon, went to another part of the Fuori Salone (which, quite frankly was crap) and then to an opening party for someone we knew who does T-shirts and then to LiĆ¹ for a pizza.

And then bed.

We both agreed that, even if we were tired, it had been a great weekend – which it had. In spite of my legs and feet which were killing me!

And, then came Monday morning ………………………….

To be continued in the next post.

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