Erm, I’ve just funded a film!

Yes, I have.

It’s almost like I’m a movie producer or something.

Of course, I didn’t fund it all. In fact, I funded a little bit of it.

You can see the details here (it’s a Kickstarter project).

And there’s a teaser here (well, until midnight tonight)

And the film is called Nina Forever.

I’m very excited :-)

And, I’ll get the DVD and some other stuff.

Sometime towards the end of next year.

This is my second Kickstarter project – unfortunately the last one didn’t make the target amount so nothing happened, which was a great shame. At least this one will happen.

And, as a bonus, it seems like it might be a good film :-)

6 thoughts on “Erm, I’ve just funded a film!

  1. Hi Andy – how exciting and adventurous of you. I had no idea you were into ‘film’ and such. I am impressed and in awe of your many interests and investments. I so look forward to learning more of this film.
    Love Gail

    • Hi Gail,

      Well, it’s not quite as adventurous as it might seem. For about £30 I have funded about 1 second of the film. And I don’t get a cut of any profit – just the DVD (in about 18 months) and some other things like a signed card and my name on the website (not on the credits of the film – to do that cost about £7,500!)

      Still, strangely, it was very exciting and the film looks interesting. Obviously now that I’m a backer (albeit very small), I shall post updates here from time to time, so keep on the lookout :-D

      It would be so much fun if it’s a great success.

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