9 thoughts on “Whoops!

    • Yes, indeed – made MUCH worse by the fact that I am unable to distinguish between the sound of a single “n” and a double “n” (which is the same for all double consonants) – since, in English, there is no real distinction! Still, I usually add something like arrabiata after it and “angry penis” doesn’t really make much sense, thank goodness! :-D

      Well, I can tell you that the difference in the pronunciation of sheet and the other word is quite important, as is the correct pronunciation of can’t! So there’s two. ;-)

  1. 1) LOL and angry penis!!! Yeah, the double n must be difficult. I am very careful with sheet and the other one although it’s difficult and I tend to emphasize the long “e” to avoid … embarrassment;-)
    2) just say cheese, it’s better!
    3) we -women- use a lot the male version as it means just “hot”. The female version is more vulgar because it’s a word for the female genitalia and it sounds like “cunt”, I guess, in English. As always, it depends on the the context. If a friend tells me bella f… I know she/he is joking, if someone I don’t know tells me f… I’d be REALLY angry.

    • 1) Double n, s, t, v, etc.!!!! Help! As long as you don’t make the i into an e (i.e. the Italian pronunciation of i), then you’re OK ;-)
      2) exactly!
      3) that’s the word you can’t get mixed up with “can’t” as, in English, it’s extremely bad to say (or, in fact, write!). I use it only when I’m driving in Italy (see my previous post) :-D. F knows it’s a bad word and makes jokes about it – knowing that I would never say it in front of other people – even Italians.
      With regards to bella f…, these are his best girlfriends and even they try to get me to say it – but I just refuse. Which, of course, they find even more amusing :-D

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