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I do this for Gail because she “likes it” when I swear but it’s also a bit how I feel.

I am very tired AND it looks most likely that, instead of waiting until September to get a new mobile phone, I shall have to do it much sooner.

Much sooner would mean next week, otherwise it may not last until the end of the holiday and I certainly don’t want to be getting a new phone whilst we are in Carrara – it’s a bit far to travel if something goes wrong.

And, my original plan was to go and get a phone, a tablet AND change my internet provider at home – all at the same time and, hopefully, at some discount.

But, I only have a few days to fix all this and it is my experience that a “few days” is definitely NOT enough time in this Bell Paese that is Italy. Damn and blast.

Later …..

Thinking about it, it would be really stupid of me to try and organise the new phone before I go on holiday. So the question is, during the holiday, why do I really NEED a phone?

1) There are a couple of people’s birthdays. I need to text and/or phone. But, if I didn’t it wouldn’t really be the end of the world.

2) F is only down for 2 weeks. For the third week I will be on my own. If it breaks before then (or during that 3rd week) then I can’t easily speak to F. Again, it’s not really the end of the world, I suppose.

Later still ………

Oh! I’ve just had a thought. A colleague who has just bought himself a new Blackberry has an old one he doesn’t use. Maybe I could borrow that? I will ask him.

But now he’s in a meeting – so I will have to remember later.

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