I am excited.

I’m quite excited.

This weekend I am going to buy an external hard disk for my computer which is now completely full with music, pictures and films.

I have picked the one I want and can get it from FNAC near the centre of Milan.

We have a holiday on Friday (!st of November) so I’m going to go then (if it’s open) or Saturday.

It will also mean that I will be able to “tidy up” my computer and, so, make it run faster.

Actually, I’m very excited. Just thought you should know :-)

2 thoughts on “I am excited.

  1. What is it with guys & getting excited over techie stuff? Although, I must admit, I do like hubby’s new MacBook Pro he had to buy from the Apple Store at Campania Marcianise yesterday.

    • Well, to be honest, I don’t usually get very excited about hardware stuff as such (except my Mac) but it’s more about what it will give me and that’s what I’m quite excited about. I will have space to store all the things I want to keep :-)

      I mean, for example, I really don’t get excited about a new car. To me that is just a method of getting from A to B so it could be almost anything with 4 wheels :-)

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