Tonight’s the night!

So, here goes.  Tonight will be my first ‘live meeting’ with someone, whom I shall call Dennis.  Dennis is a few years younger than V and looks quite cute in the photos he has put up.  He speaks English (not brilliantly but serviceable).  He seems quite up for this.

I have a couple of concerns which make me a little hesitant.  He doesn’t smoke or drink, both of which I do in abundance (as you will know) and he likes ‘healthy living’ which, for me, means not having or doing many things that I find enjoyable.

Still, he knows this and still wants to meet me (quite badly, it seems).  Also, as we have been chatting by email, something bad happened in April – I am intrigued as to what that may be but I’m guessing a break-up.  We shall see.

Nicholas, the other guy from the same site, seems more hesitant to meet, which is fine.  We can continue this email stuff for as long as he wants.  His English is not so good but, suddenly, it seemed to improve.  Then he sent an email where he had copied someone in his company (not a blind copy).  So obviously, this other guy is helping him out with his English.  I found it very amusing and have wanted to respond with a ‘Hi to Gianluca’ but fear that it may be taken the wrong way so, so far, I’ve resisted.

Then there is Fred.  Fred and I chatted on the live chat facility for a bit.  He doesn’t really speak English at all and he lives over near Venice.  I mean to say, for the right man obviously distance is not a problem.  Hell, I could always go back to English teaching if I had to move.  He was very keen for me to come over for a weekend but I’m thinking a day, to start with, would be enough.  Luckily, I have Rufus to ‘blame’ for not being able to go over for the weekend as I really don’t want to put him in kennels.  However, I’m thinking, maybe, a day trip to Venice next Sunday would be a nice day out…..

I’ve also had to sign up to a different site – but I’m doing it just for the month as they had a special offer.  This site is a little different in that it tries to match you according to your personality, as taking a personality test is the requirement to sign up in the first pace.

I’m not a great believer in this stuff but, today, one guy ‘released his photos’ to me and, in order for me to see them, I had to sign up.  So I did.  He’s about the same age as V but looks much younger.  Maybe a little camp for me.  Ah well, that’s a long way ahead anyway.

We shall see what tonight brings……………..

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4 thoughts on “Tonight’s the night!

  1. Hi Andy-

    You really are moving on… of luck tonight!! just be yourself – drink, smoke, whatever…………don’t change a thing.
    Love you

  2. Hi, only a couple of things:
    1) good luck;
    2) enjoy the evening out. It’s better than be at home, looking at the rain outside, isn’t it (I hope for you)?
    Yes, it’s raining and cold…but spring and summer will come again. I think I can wait!

  3. Thanks Pietro. It was nice. It may not come to anything but I shall try to write tomorrow – if I’m not too busy with work stuff!!!

    I hate this weather. Too warm to wear the winter stuff but too wet not to. And it was far nicer to be out and about, in between the showers!!

    However, as I said, my mistake was not going further south when we first came here – I didn’t know it could be like this! I need a new job – one that sends me to somewhere where the temperature will be 30 or 40 now – just for the winter. Perhaps the Cobra can arrange it?

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