Who’s the thief?

My cleaner, one time, asked if he could take some biscuits. To be honest, these were in a cupboard that he never needs to go in. It’s never really bothered me that cleaners would look in places they shouldn’t but……the request made me a little uneasy. However, of course, I said ‘yes’.

I had some apples in the basket on the kitchen table. There were four. The night before last, I went to get one and noticed that there were only three. Last night, I had one of the two that were left.

I thought, the night before last (the cleaner comes that day and I was here when he left), that I must speak to him about it. And, then again, it’s not such a big deal, is it.

And so, tonight, I thought, I just fancy the last apple. I was making a cup of tea at the time. I turned to the table and the basket was empty (and, also, slightly moved).

Ordinarily, of course, one would have suspected the cleaner, coming in for food but it’s a long way out of his way just to come for an apple.

I have a thief and I know who it is. So now, in the kitchen, at least, I shall have to ensure that there is nothing out that is within reach of ………… Dino, of course!

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