A tourist ………… almost!

I am, strangely and unexpectedly, excited.

Is it really ‘going back to the ole country’? Or showing it off to F? Is it the wedding or is it meeting some old friends? I just don’t know but it is unexpected and strange. The weather will be, almost, cold with, maybe, some rain. Maximum temperatures predicted are 22° – more than 10° less than here. No sandals or shorts then.

But……there will be beer; there will be lamb; there will be roast beef; there will be custard; there will be the Herefordshire countryside; there will be driving on the left (actually, I am a little worried about that and forgetting to drive on the left all the time – having to think when I get to roundabouts and junctions); there will be miles; there will be pub food (maybe a ploughman’s lunch, for example); there will be Tetley’s T bags and chance to top up; there will be bacon sarnies; there will be roast pork with apple sauce and stuffing; etc.

OK, so mostly food then. I will go to places that I remember and be shocked how much it has all changed. I will shake my head with horror at how England’s green and pleasant land is being destroyed, bit by bit.  It will make me miss some things and make me glad that I’m missing others. Overall, I am expecting that I will be glad to get home to here, again.

It feels like I am going to be a real visitor – a tourist….almost.

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4 thoughts on “A tourist ………… almost!

  1. Hi Gail,

    I hope everything is getting better for you!

    Thank you. I am sure it will be lovely and I really hope F enjoys it.
    See you when I get back :-)

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