Cool air at last and other things

Finally, as the temperature had reached a whopping 32 degrees C, the air conditioning has been switched on!  Hurrah!

Yesterday, on this page, my little weather pixie showed it was 30 degrees.

It’s hot.

Tonight is sushi with English and American friends, which will be nice although I am very, very tired.  Friday, R is due over just for one night, to see us before he leaves for New Zealand.

Funnily enough, the Prossers’ are also in the process of going there, bit by bit.

I realise that I really must send some emails and a couple of letters to people, so I will try to do this, maybe, on Sunday.

Also it is our 19th anniversary on the Saturday after next.  Who would have thought it?  19 years!  Boy, that went quickly.  I think I will take V to our favourite restaurant in Milan, but I’ve got to remember to book it.  This will be the first year, for a long time, that we shall not be at Hay for our ‘versary.

Strange, really.  Still, if this weather keeps up it will be very, very nice.

Also, just a point on the post below.  H was saying to me the other night that it’s the drug problem that’s causing all these stabbings and shootings.  Either way, it’s not good.

Also, recently I have been reading Jack’s Blog, which in turns is quite funny and dreadful (not the writing just some of the things that happen).  I have added it to the links on the side.  It’s about a guy with autism (but not really about autism) in the UK. Update: Now a technology blog, last updated Jan 2013.

It put me in mind of the news that, maybe, meat in the supermarkets may not be as fresh as you think.  I remember, years ago, we stopped buying meat at Tesco because half the time it was rotten within a day or two.  Now I know why.

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  1. Hi!

    Thanks for the lovely comment, and sorry it took so long for me to discover you had been reading my blog! I’ve also given you a backlink!

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