Primark IS coming to Milan

I’ve seen it mentioned several times but it seems it’s true.

Primark will be coming to Milan (and Rome and Venice) within the next 12 months.

It will be interesting to see how they fare here but, given the number of people looking for Primark in Milan – evidenced by the number of hits I get on this blog where, until this post, I’ve explained (several times) that Primark doesn’t exist here, it will be popular.

The full story (or a story of Primark stores abroad) is shown here.

It had always seemed strange that they weren’t here but they explain that Italy would be “difficult”, which I can imagine is true.

But, YAY!

2 thoughts on “Primark IS coming to Milan

  1. Hi Andy – good news then? Primark? Never heard of them, it. hmmmmmm

    Any who – I am loving the book you told me about, “Follow You Home” I was hooked from the first page Thanks

    Love Gail

    • Yes, Gail. Good news as they sell really cheap clothes :-)

      Glad you like it. I have to order my copy (since I must have the book rather than the ecopy :-) ) But, right now, I have so many books to read …….!

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