No Special Book Yet

The Various Haunts Of Men (Susan Hill) was from last year – but I can’t stop reading a book once it’s started. It took me a little over 2 days.

Next up was So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson. A good book to do with our current desire to humiliate And shame people through Social Media.

And On to Holy Sh*t by Melissa Mohr – a study on the history of swearing (therefore of particular interest to me since I swear a lot). More Importantly, it seems I’m back to my usual pace which makes me much happier.

Still no spectacular book yet…….

2 thoughts on “No Special Book Yet

  1. Hi Andy – I love to read too. Have you ventured through ‘Small Backs of Children’- it is like a force one cannot get away from. The author is compelling and horrifying and real and raw. Left me in emotional chaos because I found myself so intrigued and surrendered.
    Hope all is well with you. I am good all things considered. Amen
    Love to you

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