Coming soon …..

Coming Soon ......

There’s a death coming and coming fast.

And it will change your world.

I’m old. so, obviously, this is painful for me. But I can see it coming because of what happened on Saturday.

In “the old days”, if you wanted something, you’d go to the shops to buy it. When I arranged V & my’s surprise 10-year anniversary trip, I went to the Travel Agent next door to the office and we arranged everything – flights, hotels, train transfers, the lot. Within a few years, anything like hotels and flights, etc. I would do using the Internet. Then I moved here and I would buy CDs and books and stuff like that online.

But, if it’s something technical or something to wear, I prefer seeing the thing physically and buying it from a shop.

So I want something to connect the computers at home and have been told of this great product, a little more expensive than the Netgear stuff I tried before, but, apparently, more reliable and faster. I looked on the Internet for it and ignored the online-only shops. I found that one store stocked it and there was a store not too far away.

So, I went, on Saturday. Not only didn’t they have it but the guy was rude so, fuck them! I went home and ordered the cheapest one I could find which I ordered through gritted teeth as it was via Amazon.

But, my real point is that it is impossible to buy from a local shop! So, it’s one more thing that a shop won’t get to sell me and, of course, I shan’t be going back to that particular store ever again!

And I know there are many people who buy clothes online (although I don’t), buy food online (I do – but only for specified British things that I can’t get here), etc.

And that’s why the “High Street” is dying. And there’s not much to be done about it if they won’t do anything about it. Here, the “high Street” isn’t quite as dead as in the UK, but it’s coming here too. And how will our streets look then? The only shops being charity shops, betting shops, cheap shoe shops and, often, boarded-up shops.

Coming soon to a place near you!

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