The End of The World

The End of The World

I haven’t posted anything much really but, I just want to post this.

Driving between the sea and Milan this summer, a number of times, I was struck by one thing – instead of having to clean my windscreen very often, I didn’t have to do it once.

The reason was there were no dead insects covering the windscreen.

Obviously, from the point of cleaning, this was great.

But, it worries me. If there are a lot fewer insect deaths, either insects have become very clever and are avoiding roads or, possibly more likely, there are a lot fewer insects. And, by a lot fewer, I mean to say, an incredibly lot fewer.

To be honest, either reason would be cause for concern but, for a moment, let’s assume that it’s because insect numbers were decimated for some reason.

This, of course, is worrying because of the amount of life on earth that relies on insects. Swallows, frogs, lizards. OK, so you may not like frogs and lizards, but they do have a part in the food chain. So less frogs, for instance, means a source of food for Egrets and Storks is reduced. The knock-on effect is quite horrifying to imagine.

Then there are plants. Most plants rely on insects to reproduce. So, less insects means less reproduction of plants.

To me, this is just as horrific. We feed ourselves on plants whether we be vegans or carnivores and plants form an important part of our nutrition.

I hope this dearth of insects is just a one-time thing but, if it isn’t, perhaps the end of the world is already upon us?

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