The death of ……. the postcard

The death of the .......postcard

This world changes so fast, driven in the main by new technology.

And, this weekend I discovered another thing that is on its last legs. The postcard.

There we are, at a seaside town, full of tourists during August. So much so, that it transforms the town – as is the case with many seaside towns, I guess.

And, A, my Italian friend, has this thing about postcards. He always sends one (even if he’s away for a weekend) and, for summer, I reciprocate. I also like to send one to BM and to J.

So, I needed three postcards – an easy thing you would think, especially in a tourist town. But, this year, surprisingly difficult. We did find one shop, eventually, thank goodness, but it didn’t used to be so difficult. And that got me to thinking of whether anyone actually sends postcards any more? I mean, I don’t send letters very often (and I’m racking my brains to think of the last time I did) – now we’ve got instant messaging and social media to keep in touch with people. And I guess most people under the age of about 30 would even consider sending postcards. So if there’s no call for them, it is likely that over the next few years, it will become impossible to find them.

It’s a sad thing but, I guess, inevitable.

For younger people, it won’t make any difference since they’ve never done it.

NB. The image is, apparently, a 1960s postcard from Death Valley!

2 thoughts on “The death of ……. the postcard

  1. Well, let this be a digital postcard. Hello from South Wales. Wish you were here [not!].

    I try to visit your blog regularly, but like so many good intentions they’ve fallen by the wayside.

    I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you in Malvern when you were over in the UK. I’m super grateful to have had you as a good friend and supporter. Things are a little difficult as is my wont on a regular monthly cycle. Anyway, it’s not all about me, me, ME gosh darn it.

    I received some mail from far-flung friends and supporters and it’s kept me going. Something tangible in this digital age of throwaway digital commentary, is invaluable.

    Hello again. I appreciate your friendship and you putting yourself out there, Andy. Cheers!


    Nick x

    • Hi Nick,

      Sorry but for some reason I didn’t get any notification of this reply and only noticed it was “pending” just now!

      No problem re: Malvern. Maybe next time I’m over?

      Keep going, Nick. I’m sure it will all be worth it in the end and you’ll find some peace in your life. Things change, always.

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