If they put the price up, the people who will pay more will be those that buy the product.

I was reading this article about imposing a minimum price for alcohol in the UK which, as with most research, seems a lot of money to pay for what is, in reality, common sense.

I can quite believe that the ‘winners’, should they fix a minimum price for booze in the UK, would be the supermarket chains. Of course they would be the winners!

But, I really couldn’t believe this line:

Researchers also suggested minimum pricing would have the greatest impact on households which consume the most alcohol.

Ummmm. Yes, I would think so. And I wonder why it was only a suggestion? That’s like saying that the people who smoke are going to be the most affected by an increase in the price of cigarettes or that people who drive a long way are likely to be those that suffer if there is a hike in the fuel price.

Well. Doh!

And I would like a few thousand for my statement in the title if any of you researchers are thinking of using it in any report you write. Please.

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