6 thoughts on “Sam’s Sayings 3

  1. Well…from reading some of “Sams Sayings” I think they are funny and also makes sense…Sam if you ever get the chance to read this, Your a bloody legend and wish there were more of you in the world…we need people like you to make us laugh and forget about everything…Keep it up…

    Also if Sam has his own blog could you please let me know…

    Good site Andy and V.

    Jason Clam

  2. Thanks for stopping by Jason. Yes, he’s very funny. I’m currently compiling some of his best tips for getting girls which I hope to publish here soon.

    I’ve asked him for his url and will post it if he gives it to me, which, being Sam, he surely will!

  3. I believe this the correct Space of Sam? He is from Australia and lives in Milan, Please correct me if I’m mistaken and this is not the correct Sam…

    If its not I do apologize for the comments, But is the only way to check….

    And I look forward to the tips for the girls….might try a few myself ;) I can just Imagine what they will be….

    Many Thanks

  4. As I suspected. Anyway Jason(s) – shouldn’t you be answering some calls or something?

    The tips for getting girls is coming along nicely. However, I think I might put that on an anonymous, seperate blog. What do you think?

  5. Yes….2 calls waiting..so i better go…

    But i’m looking forward to the tips for girls….should be interesting…


    “Its almost gone”

    and now i’m gone…

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