Dad’s Birthday and Famous people that you know

It’s V’s Dad’s Birthday today. It’s also V’s ‘official birthday’. Just like the Queen! Actually born on the 18th of this month, but V’s passport and, therefore, all Italian documents, show today. The passport came with the wrong date and I don’t think either of us noticed until we came to Italy and it was a bit late by then. The only thing is that we have to remember, when quoting the birth date, to quote today, when we’re here.

Onto the main subject. I know some famous people. And I mean know, rather than saw or met, once. Some writers, journalists and broadcasters like Kate Mosse, Francine Stock, etc. Peter Florence, who runs the Hay Festival. Etc.

However, I have just learned that I know the Aberystwyth Hula Hoop Champion of 1984! How fantastic is that! I can say no more as they wish to protect their identity. I’m sure that, if people knew, they would be inundated with requests for autographs, etc. Maybe it would even attract stalkers.

However, I am really pleased to know the Aberystwyth Hula Hoop Champion from 1984.

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