Update to the post saying “Goodbye to the hangers-on”

Following Alex Fear’s (although, unfortunately, the blog no longer exists) comment on this post, I thought it would be well to advise the settings I found afterwards.

Alex is probably right. As they are dynamic IP addresses, one cannot guarantee that the address will remain the same (although I think it just allocates an address the first time and then ‘stores’ it as a semi permanent allocation, but I can’t be sure). So, as well as doing what I did in the post above, I also did the following:

  1. Sign into the Belkin Router.

  2. Get the DCHP Client List as before and note the computers that you want to allow access to the router.

  3. Select MAC Address Filtering (LHS menu).

  4. From the DCHP Client List (drop down menu), select the first computer and click Copy To.

  5. From the DCHP Client List select the next computer, change the number below it (increment it by one each time) and click Copy To. Repeat this process for each computer that will be allowed access.

  6. Change Access Rule for Registered MAC Address to ‘Allow’

  7. Click Enable MAC Address Filtering to ‘Enable’

  8. Go to bottom of screen and click Apply Changes.

Job done! Now, only those PCs that you have registered specifically will have access to the router and, therefore, the internet.

Many thanks Alex.

2 thoughts on “Update to the post saying “Goodbye to the hangers-on”

  1. Since you contribute comments from time to time, I was surprised to see this one in the spam catcher – hence the delay in putting it through. Yes, I have read some of your HIDI posts. Often these things are more useful than the manuals (not that anyone reads those, of course).

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