Eating babies

“I can eat the baby”.

Their equivalent of “I could eat a horse”.

Except, of course, here, they do eat horse, so I suppose it’s not quite the same.

S was hungry so went to lunch a little earlier than usual.  It was her explanation why she went early. Still there are strange things here :-D

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4 thoughts on “Eating babies

  1. I have never heard of it but it can be.
    There is a popular Italian saying which refers to the fact that “communists eat babies” (!!) but it has nothing to do with the above described context.

    However, if she is part Swiss you have the answer already ;) they have weird saying…!!

    • Yes, I know the ‘communists’ one. It’s also been said about the Chinese, and the jews, and, no doubt countless others. It just shocked me – for someone to say it about themselves – even if it was only an expression as to how hungry she was!
      :-D Yes, I thought you’d like the idea about the Swiss hahahahahahaha

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