The Dead Parrot – or, rather, not at all.

I squeeze into the back.  It’s not a problem but A (F’s friend) and F are already in.  We drive on to go to the restaurant.

As we’re driving up the road to go to the restaurant, I notice a movement.

Now, a lot of Taxi drivers like to fill the front of their car with stuff.  After all, it is their ‘office’ I suppose.  And so there are things that make them more comfortable.

However, I am shocked to see that, perched on the dashboard, just to the right of the wheel, is a parrot!  Yes, you read it correctly.  On his dashboard is a living, breathing parrot!

And here is the picture to prove it:

We took photos of it.  It got angry (so the man said) and started squawking so we stopped using our flashes.  Obviously it’s not a good picture but, nonetheless, it’s proof.

It was just so funny.  The parrot’s name is Gilda.  Unfortunately, after he gave it the name he found out it was a male parrot and not a female parrot, which makes it funnier still.

An unusual thing to see in the taxi.  Keep your eye out, should you be in Milan and taking a taxi.  Maybe, you too will share a journey with Gilda!

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2 thoughts on “The Dead Parrot – or, rather, not at all.

    • I know. It was a surprise, to say the least :-)
      I’m not sure he does either. But, I guess, as a pet, it would be difficult for him in the ‘wild’ now. At least he has company all day.
      Someone said, today, that it can’t possibly be legal and, having thought about it, I am sure it must be illegal. However, it was another one of those weird things you find from time to time.

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