Happy Christmas from V&A

The festive season is upon us and I just wanted to say a very Happy Christmas to all our friends. I hope you have a fantastic time.

This year we shall be on our own and we are really looking forward to it. We’ve only had Christmas to ourselves about 4 times since we’ve been together and it’s really nice just to chill out.

And, in keeping with our move being the start of many ‘firsts’, we shall be dining in a restaurant for Christmas lunch. Neither of us have ever done that before. And, this year, there’ll be no goose.

We do, however, have a Christmas pudding, given to V from somebody at work. Frankly, I don’t like Christmas pudding but I just love the brandy sauce that goes with it.

We’ve now done all the entertaining and going out before Christmas which included a very nice wine tasting with S&N, followed by a fairly mediocre pizza and some dreadful wine – the worst we’ve ever had here – Gragnolo – if ever you see it on a menu, avoid it like the plague. We also had a Japanese meal at our local Japanese restaurant, Sento, organised by C and it was really fabulous.

This afternoon we plan to go for a walk in the park where there is a festive ‘village’ with stalls selling products and, more interestingly, foodstuffs.

Boxing Day we shall have S round for dinner (I think she’s working, so I guess it will be in the evening) when we shall do the Boxing Day lunch that my Nan used to do – Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding (and I’ve managed to get some sprouts) followed by my Nan’s trifle. Should be really nice. I plan to get a bottle of Barolo and we already have some port for cheese afterwards.

On the subject of Christmas cards, I hope you all got them OK. I was speaking to my best mate, S, yesterday. I sent one to her and one each for the kids. She got hers on Friday, one of the kids got hers on the Saturday and the other didn’t get hers. I hope she gets it on Monday. But they were all posted together in the same post box! And the stamps I managed to get through Valeria (her mum works at the main Post Office in Milan) were really great this year. I tried to take a photo but they didn’t really come out well so I got the pictures from the Italian Post Office site. Enjoy.

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