Dino’s new thing; I hear you have had some nice weather in the UK?

Dino learnt a new “trick” yesterday. After a long walk and playing with various other dogs in the park, he gets a little tired. On our way out of the park it is necessary to coax him with a little tugging of the lead. I can’t (and wouldn’t) just drag him along although sometimes there is a little of that, just to get him on his feet and moving.

However, he has decided that it’s a better move to sit, lie down and then roll over on his side.

This is very amusing both to me and to the crowds of people sitting on the benches in the park.

Of course, it’s impossible to tug at all when he does this. So I wait a few minutes before ‘encouraging’ him to get up, which he does.

Last night we went to dinner with FfI. A was there from the UK (she is over for 10 days or so). She was saying that, although the days are much warmer and sunnier than Milan at the moment, the nights get terribly cold, whereas, here, we sat the whole evening with the window open.

It’s certainly not a ‘normal’ June, being so rainy and not as hot as usual but the evening temperature is high enough for a light jacket.

I was informed today that the weather for June will stay much like this but that July and August will be very, very hot. Let’s hope so.

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