An Invitation and I’m reminded of wonderful food (again)

Italians, of course, gave us many things. Many of these things are food (pizza; pasta) and, as I have explained before, Italians talk about food a lot. And I really mean A LOT! Especially when eating. Then they often talk about other food that they have had recently.

2 thoughts on “An Invitation and I’m reminded of wonderful food (again)

  1. Hi Andy-
    When I visit Milan I want some of those panzerottis. The closet thing here to those I have had is what we call “flitada”, a mix of seasoned bread crumbs, grated cheese eggs and milk and fried like a pancake. mmmmm

    Snow storm coming today. I will be safe inside, with a warm fire in our wood stove, enjoying the view. :-)

    Love from across the pond

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