Not here and not smoking

I’m not really ‘here’ today.

And I won’t be here tomorrow. Customers, you see.

Just one thing. They have tried to stop people smoking in the way that they used to. So, now, there are different rules.

This was ‘introduced’ because the Production Manager had problems keeping his staff ‘in line’ and they complained that they saw the office staff taking many breaks.

So, I now smoke in the MD’s office. Other people have other rules. Now, us smokers are ‘dispersed’, not that we were a ‘collective huddle’ in the first place. However, now, no one has any idea where people might be. Shop floor workers now appear to go and hide in various places outside.

It is laughable.

I should add that to smoke in the MD’s office I have the window open – which looks on the front (it’s just above reception) – which means that people see me.

I fail to see the difference between this place and the place just outside reception, where I used to go. Meh!

The title was misleading. I’m still smoking, obviously.

4 thoughts on “Not here and not smoking

  1. HI ANDY,

    first, “thank you” for getting my message to Lola :-) we have communed.
    and when I smoked, I recall the directives of ‘”here-not there”….hated it. Skipp and I are miraculously smoke free just about 2 years now – we loved smoking SO much – sigh……
    Love you

    • It’s a pleasure, Gail.

      Yes, I know what you mean. Actually, it really doesn’t bother me. It’s just the stupidity of making it all so ‘secret’ from other people.

  2. I don’t get why you have to smoke somewhere else.
    I mean, it is ridiculous.
    Control over smokers?
    If it’s a matter of smokers breaks it doesn’t make any difference if you go to another office!

    • I know. But this (and some other things) is down to the ‘new’ ‘Production Manager’ – and the things are just crazy. At the end of the day, you have control as a Manager or not. It seems not, in this case.

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