Summer socks

I love September. The days are quite often warm and, although the nights and early mornings are a bit on the chilly side, it’s the extension of the summer – at least, here.

There’s also the smell of the fallen leaves. The dark nights which should be cold (in my head) but are warm enough for sandals, T-shirts and shorts. There’s the warm rain at nights (at least, hopefully warm and only at nights). And, there’s the rub. You can’t really rely on the weather. And that’s the bit I hate (also the fact that it IS the end of summer.)

But, what I definitely DON’T like is when September comes early. Like last night. And this morning. It’s July, FFS!

Last night we had rain. Rain in summer is OK as, here, afterwards, it is warm and pleasant although a degree or two cooler. But not last night. After the rain during the night, this morning it was 14°! It was chilly. If not, cold.

I am wearing socks again. I don’t like wearing socks, at least not in July. Not in this country.

It is the end of summer. It is September. I am wearing socks. We are all doomed.

4 thoughts on “Summer socks

  1. Hi ANdy – we are in an oppressive heat wave with dangerously high humidity. Over 100 degrees!! I am home bound in the A/C – no complaints tho – as I love it here. As far as you having to wear socks? I know how much you prefer not, and tha finally wearing just sandals is such a gift for you so I empathize with your plight. And this too shall pass.
    Love Gail

    • Wow! That’s quite hot then :-)
      Thanks Gail. Already today is better (the post was written yesterday). And the weekend looks good. I’m back in sandals. Yay!

    • Hahahahaha,
      Today has been a beautiful day. I saw one temperature reading that said 31° and I like it :-)
      Especially sitting at a bar with friends – it was lovely.

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