I am disappointed

I mean, it’s so much better, isn’t it?

The Brits, who as F rightly says, are quite arrogant, think they have the best TV in the world. They scoff at American ‘crap’ (even though we all watch it); we used to have Eurotrash, taking the piss out of those horrendous foreign TV shows – our shows are just so ‘classy’.

I don’t go for Italian TV much. Not least because I don’t understand it all and so it is not really relaxing.

So, if I’m in the UK, I can’t wait to watch a bit of decent TV.

Except ………..

I get to the hotel about 5. I remember the news is on at 6 but it’s too late to go into Birmingham (which was my original intention) and so I lie down on the bed and switch the TV on.

I flick through some channels. There’s some kid’s stuff but most of the main channels have game shows. I’ve heard of some of them. The Usual Suspects. I’ve read about that, so I linger on that. What a pile of trash it is. Then there’s Deal/No Deal with the great Noel Edmundson (that was a joke – the ‘great’ bit). I’m watching this with some disbelief since it is, in fact, an English version of some show over here. Which is also mind-numbingly dreadful – I mean I have watched it because I can understand it – and if I can understand it, it has to be of fairly low quality.

Then there’s the news. I was addicted to the news when I lived in the UK. Now, it seems too shallow, too much in the way of soundbites, too sensational ……. or quite dumb.

In the past when I’ve been back to the UK, I’ve watched it but this time I realised that every time, without fail, it just disappoints me.

Great TV? No, it’s not great TV. It’s the same as TV the world over. Shallow and pointless and, to be frank, boring. We used to sit in front of the television for hours. It was one of the reasons I never got satellite TV over here. I didn’t want to spend my whole life in front of the box. And now, after time without TV (if you see what I mean), it’s just so very disappointing.

6 thoughts on “I am disappointed

  1. I/we love SO many of the TV drama shows. Like “Revenge”, and “Parenthood”, “House”, and we are hooked on ‘American Idol’ and ‘The Voice’. Shallow perhaps :-) but entertaining all the same and at times even provoking!
    Love to you

    • I understand Gail. Back in the UK, we would sit and watch every evening, hooked on many programs. It’s now, not having it day to day, that I see how dreadful it all really is. But, as you know, this is only my opinion and most people would agree with you, of course :-)

      • When Berlusconi’s TV arrived here many years ago I said OMG. And it kept getting worse and worse in every possible sense. Now I realize that it is a general tendency in the West. Wherever I go (Germany, France, US etc.) I see the same ‘crap’. Some BBC programs may not be as bad in any case. Perhaps boring at times, but not as horrible.

        • Indeed, some BBC programs may not be as bad – but I think most of them are. It’s almost as if there is a conspiracy to keep people stuck in some zombie state – just to sit there and watch endless hours of game shows and reality TV (sorry Gail).

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