With a tear in my eye, I’m waving goodbye to Google

I’ve tried before; looked at others but I am a creature of habit and, probably like most people, I don’t really like too much change.

It’s a ‘mistake’ that most software producers make, I think.

Of course, whilst ‘keeping it the same’ I guess one has to improve things. The things I liked about Google was a) it was regionally based (i.e. I could use google.co.uk) and b) any changes it made were not significant to the display and use that I saw.

So, I don’t want to do it but, I guess, the time has come.

The reason is the new privacy policy that Google are implementing. I have already set my ‘accounts’ so that web browsing history is not kept (this must be done before Thursday – you can’t change it after that) but I’ve read that they will still track your browsing until the end of March or something.

So, there’s only one way to ‘make sure’ and that is to NOT use it. Which is a shame. I know that others have said/written that Google is not that good but I’ve been loyal to it for years and it always seemed to give me what I wanted.

So, I’m trying a few new ones and we’ll see how it goes.

But, with a heavy heart and a tear in my eye, I’m waving goodbye to Google.

4 thoughts on “With a tear in my eye, I’m waving goodbye to Google

    • It’s a pleasure. The important thing is to get your preferences sorted before the beginning of March. After that, so I read, you won’t be able to stop it.

      they are relying on the fact that most people can’t be bothered to change, I think. But I hate the idea that advertisements will be targetted according to whoever used the computer last (to search for things via Google). Therefore, I have to change. My only problem could be YouTube which is part of the now-seemingly-evil Google empire :-(

  1. This is why I use a “nom d’Internet.” Anyone tracking me is tracking my mask. Not an impenetrable one to a government, granted. I realize that just because I’m paranoid it doesn’t mean they’re not after me. So? What are they gonna do? Or why? Or what for?

    Google is just a company, a group of people who want to make money and lots of it if possible. It’s not a church, where young boys, choir girls and so forth are the interests of the powers that be.

    The world is shit. You and I are shitty beings in it. So is everyone else. I’m staying for the convenience. There are no “pure” universes out there.

    But, hey, I empathize and I’m glad you wrote your piece.

    • Thanks Cecilieaux. Nice to see you again even if it’s a mask :-)

      Indeed, Google must do this so they can make more money. Still, I think it’s a shame.

      On the bright side, you and I are still alive and for that we can both be happy (and, given your recent posting, you are even happier than me) – there is more to life than Google.

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