Primark in Milan? Why not?


From my glance at the stats every day, I’ve noticed that quite a few people come looking to see if there is a Primark in Milan. The short, easy answer is no, there isn’t. At least, as yet. Although I don’t quite see why Primark haven’t expanded their exposure abroad. Surely, at this time of economic crisis, Primarks would be welcomed all over the world, including Italy?

Alright, as I’ve said before, the quality is not brilliant but, for the price of things, you wouldn’t really expect them to be, would you?

So the material is a little thinner than one would expect, the finishing is not really so good, the amount of time you can wear them is less than for other things – but, hey, they look OK and do a job!

The pair of jeans I bought a couple of years ago will be coming out of the wardrobe very soon (they are summer jeans for work), which means they will be paying for themselves for the third year running! Not bad, really.

As soon as I find that there is a Primark in Milan, I shall, of course, let you all know.  It’s only a matter of time…….

2 thoughts on “Primark in Milan? Why not?

  1. Can I do a suggestion? Celio or Oviesse. Celio has only manswear, in Oviesse you can find stuff for male and female. There you can find good clothes for affordable prices. Some of them are close to the asylum where we spend our days!

  2. Celio I don’t know. Oviesse I do know and I understand what you mean – but Primark is something else. It is so cheap as to mean that you can buy something to wear once only! Next time you go to the UK you should look (especially with the £ to € rate at the moment)!

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