Things we never did


We were, after all, very different people. That’s what made us good together. We offered different things to each other and to other people.

But, yesterday, I was reminded of the things we never (or rarely) did together. Of course, these were things that I liked to do but, for one reason or another, I usually did on my own. I suspect V has a similar list (and I can think of one thing already).

I suppose the positive side to this is that, as I usually did them on my own, nothing has changed. But, before, I always had the hope that “this time would be different” and that he would be there. Now I don’t have that and I find it quite sad. Not in a depressed way just in a “what a shame” way.

2 thoughts on “Things we never did

  1. Hi Andy-

    a shame indeed. :-(

    and I know when relationships end there is so much we miss, and not only of what was but in realizing what will never be. Yes, a shame indeed.

    Love Gail

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