I am now a twit; Hot, Hot, Hot


I have succumbed. Now let’s see how it works. It seems to be easy enough and, if it works as easily as it seems then I can see why it has become the thing of the moment.

On the side you will now see my Tweets. It might be useful whilst I am away, if I am unable to blog much.

Yesterday, in the late afternoon, whilst I was taking a break from sweating profusely (aka cleaning the house), I noticed that my Weather Pixie said it was 35°C. And that is at Linate airport, a few miles out of town from me. So it would have been a couple of degrees hotter on the Perfect Street.

To be honest I just love it although, unfortunately, Rufus is suffering a bit. Still, it won’t last for long.

And this morning, at work, when I went outside for a cigarette, I could only stand a few moments in the sun before having to move into the shade. For me, that is great.

And still no zanzare! I can hardly believe it, although the people who live in the Hinterland (suburbs) are starting to suffer them so I guess it’s only a matter of days now.

Update Apr 2015: I no longer have my tweets showing.

4 thoughts on “I am now a twit; Hot, Hot, Hot

  1. Hi Andy-

    Twitter scares me!!!!!!

    and zanzare? does that mean allergies?

    Have a wonderful day

    Love you

  2. Hi Gail,

    Yep, scares me too.

    You’ve not been reading all my posts! Tut tut. Zanzare is the Italian for mosquitoes!

    Love you 2

  3. Hi again-

    I did read the mosquito post!! I commented about how they whine in my ear and then I frantically slap myself in the ear and side of my head. I forgot the word. Huh. Oh my memory is not what it once was. :-) Or yours either, for that matter. :-)

    Love you

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