Living together – maybe not such a good idea?

Perhaps living together is not such a good idea?

I mean to say, it would be great in many ways. On a practical level, we would save money (on bills, etc.), we could have a cleaner every day, there would be someone there with the dogs more often, I would live in a much cleaner house (hahahahahaha).

But, there would be downsides.

I would have to be “cleaner” (Don’t get me wrong, I do clean and stuff – I just don’t always put things away immediately, if you see what I mean), I would have to cook more often (which I do enjoy – but sometimes I just don’t want to bother) and ……………

I would become amazingly fat! More like a tub of lard. I am sure.

But let’s go back a bit.

You remember that I made him a courgette and ricotta tart because he was going to be home for days and I didn’t want him to just eat sandwiches or salumi (cold meat slices).

However, as a sign of how much he loves me (as he doesn’t really like cooking), he made me some ragù (Bolognese sauce to those who don’t live here) and bought some raspberries and spray cream.

So, last night, we had pasta with ragù, a very small slice of the tart I had made (he had eaten most of it during the day!) and then raspberries and cream (because he knows that is my absolute favourite sweet).


However, I eat lunch at work (because it costs about 7 cents a day and I get a plate of pasta and a meat dish with some vegetable). Therefore, I don’t actually NEED any more food. OK, so, sometimes I will have a biscuit or two or a piece of chocolate in the evening – but, in general, I don’t eat. And, with him coming home from work about 7 and not getting to me until about 9, we don’t tend to eat – or, rather, he might eat but I don’t.

We do go out sometimes and, obviously, I can eat and do – but it’s a maximum of once or twice a week. I was very full last night after the food and I know that, after a few weeks of that, I would be the size of, if not a villa, a small flat.

So, maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea to live together?

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8 thoughts on “Living together – maybe not such a good idea?

  1. So I know why you’re so thin: you don’t eat in the evening!
    I had the same problem with G. but I can tell you that one gains (maybe) weight in the first 2-3 months (ok, maybe 4). After that, you don’t care anymore about being nice and bake everyday a special cake and he gets what’s in the fridge LOL.
    Now my mum cooks very nice meal for me, given that G. has a course in the evening and when he gets home (around10:45 p.m.) he is not hungry (lucky me!) or he eats the leftovers. ahhahha

  2. Hi Andy – I love your food choices. Sounds so yummy. And I am fascinated by your eating style. Not in the evening, usually. And I must be losing my mind because I though you two love-birds DID live together. How did I get that so wrong? AHhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! :-)

    Love Gail

    • Thanks Gail.
      I have, since school days, always only eaten in the evenings. But, on getting this job, given the price of the lunch, I started eating at lunchtime. V did the same. Then we would go back home and have our usual evening meal – and, inevitably, we put on weight. So we stopped eating in the evening since, really, we weren’t hungry anyway.

      No, we don’t live together. F has a flat about 5 minutes away (on foot) from mine. However, most nights we spend at my flat. He uses his flat because it has a bigger bathroom and he has all his clothes there. However, he has no suggested that we find a flat and move in together. This is a big step forward for him. I did a post about it a little while ago. I guess you missed that one. Never mind – you know now :-)

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