Using your telephone at inappropriate times.

Everyone seems to have a different idea about when and how you should use your mobile telephone.

Now, with the smartphones, there are games (like Ruzzle) that you play in competition with other people. I still have a Blackberry, so I don’t have these games. They only work with a touch screen.

But, surely, there are times when it’s quite acceptable to use phones and times when it’s not.

I don’t like it when F plays Ruzzle during, say, a meal in a restaurant – although I say nothing. I dislike it more when he is playing (at any time) and doesn’t answer me when I speak to him. It’s not like he does this all the time but I will be very glad when he gets fed up with the game.

I don’t think you should be using your mobile when you drive (and I’m sure I’ve mentioned this in past posts). It is, after all, dangerous.

I watch groups of people using their mobile phones and think, sometimes, that mobile phone usage seems to have replaced “real life”!

I once rang a colleague, some years ago. There was an echoey sound. I asked them where they were. They replied that they were “on the toilet”! I couldn’t believe it. I felt kind of dirty – as if I were in the cubicle with them! I told them to phone me when they had finished. And then I had to go and wash my hands :-)

And then there’s this latest thing..

The thing that caught my attention (as it was meant to do, of course) was that 29% (that’s nearly one third, folks) of Italian women admit to using their smartphone DURING SEX! How that made me laugh.

But, I’m intrigued – are they playing Ruzzle or texting or making/receiving calls? And, one other thing, the partner – don’t they say anything????

Of course, this was a survey and we don’t know what the question was – but, even so……..

Any Italian ladies out there who are brave enough to give us an insight? Lola??? ;-)

Update: A male colleague has suggested that she is answering a call from her husband :-D

9 thoughts on “Using your telephone at inappropriate times.

  1. Hi Andy – good post. We don’t use our phones except to text and or call each other and a few select folks. No games or anything like that, actually, no internet app. It took us a while to even text!!

    And that is too funny about the phone use while having sex. I cannot even imagine, thank God, huh?
    Love Gail

  2. ahhhha!! During sex?! !
    Never heard of this before but I’m not surprised as people are increasingly glued to their ipad, iPhone etc. They more concerned for their virtual life than for their real one which is ridiculous.

    G. is glued to his ipad and I hate it. He constantly checks emails, news and so forth even at breakfast and this makes me mad. We argue for this, a lot.
    Two days ago I shouted “Can you LOOK AT ME, please”?

    He told me that I am the same with my iPhone which is partly true. PARTLY, though, as I don’t play ruzzle or check FB while having dinner.
    Let alone when having sex!!

    • Ah, so you are one of the 71%! ;-)

      Actually, we don’t know the question asked but I keep thinking of all these Italian women lying back and being so bored they start texting, making calls or playing games :-D

      I’m afraid that I think we’re stuck with the phone thing in relationships. These days I often see young couples who seem to spend most of their time on their own phones. I wonder what it will be like in, say, 30 years?

  3. Yeah. My parents, who divorced quite a while ago, did have true conversations without being stuck with phones, laptops etc.
    I think we’re all missing the opportunity of using the social media. Currently, social media is using us.

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