In which the strong people prove their strength.

A huge big cheer and B R A V O to that special democracy, the grand old U S of A!

They have successfully defeated their monstrous adversary and convicted him of almost everything except aiding the enemy and are now requesting that he spends a couple of lifetimes (more or less) locked up in some prison.

This same country that allows someone to lie to their congress and get away with it. This same country that locked someone up for 4 days because they forgot about him – even if they were not going to make a charge.

Anyway, after a number of years they have finally got what they wanted – a conviction.

Now they want to make sure that they put him away for a very long time.

No matter at all that the stuff that he “leaked” showed the USA to be no better (and, in fact, given their power in the world, one could argue a lot worse) than the very worst despotic regime in the world.

No, no matter that.

Rather, Bravo to them.

I’m pretty sure that if I lived there I would now be looking to leave.

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