Karl Spark

Just to be clear.  The ‘Karl Spark’ as I shall call it is something that I expect.

But, I worry that it won’t happen again.  It happened recently, true, but I’m not so sure it happens so often.  I worry that it will never happen again.  I wonder if I should just take what I can get because, after all, my age is against me.

But I want the Karl Spark.  To me, it’s almost like breathing.  Without that, there seems no point in it all.  Maybe, not everyone gets that?  Maybe, it’s just me that can almost sense the crackle and lightening spark the moment that you touch or are touched by the person.  It send shivers down my spine and sends my brain to mush but it’s a great feeling and for me, in my mind, it bodes well (in general) as it can lead to 20 years worth of fun, laughter and good times.

So, what to do.  Accept what I can get or wait for the Karl Spark again?  Decisions, always bloody decisions.

The other thing is the age thing.  M was older than me.  V, 8 years younger.  I’m afraid, that with very few exceptions, I don’t find older men attractive.  I think I should modify my criteria so that they’re all under 48 (and even that’s pushing it a bit).  The problem is that I also want friends and for that I have no problem with them being a bit older; in fact, I would welcome it.

So, what I need, right now, is someone that is probably around 40 (give or take 5 years), has a great body and personality, is not too fat or too muscular and has the Karl Spark

Perhaps, just perhaps, I’m asking too much?

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