Men are a problem – can’t live with them, can’t live without them!

So, this post may be a little shocking for some of you, in which case, please don’t read it – but this is the ‘gay scene’ and it is, shall we say, lacking in some morals.  I know, this will probably go to confirm that we are all bad people – but, and this is my opinion, if you (that is the general populace) hadn’t made it all illegal for so long, I really believe it wouldn’t be like this………

I am looking for friends and, from them, hopefully, I’ll find someone special.

In the meantime, after 20 years with one partner and, shall we say, less ‘activity’ in the last few years, I have decided that I need some practice.  After all, it’s no good finding that ‘perfect someone’ if you find that you’re just a bit rusty in the sack (as we say in the UK).

So, I’m open to people who are just looking for some action with no strings attached.  However, whereas my ‘perfect man’ should be almost perfect, my ‘action friends’ should be absolutely perfect – at least to look at.

I am contacted by a man that I shall call Bart (not to be confused with Bruce with whom I had a telephone conversation tonight – all in Italian and he is stunningly beautiful and I have high hopes for him).  No Bart had no photos.  This is because he says he is bi-sexual.  I have been told, by many friends, that these are people who are married or have girlfriends but for reasons like the conservativeness of the Italian people, they are unable to be open and honest.

So, he wants to be secret.  He has no photo of his face, he says (although he can send me photos of the other parts of his anatomy without even blinking – go figure that one….).

We try, unsuccessfully, to Skype so we can see each other.  He sees me but I don’t see him.  He seems even more eager to meet after seeing me.

Today, at work, we manage to get it to work where I see him.  He is supposed to be 39.  He is not beautiful.  If I were V I would respond in the right way.  I am not V.  I say he has a lovely smile and that he seems older than I thought he would look.

Unsurprisingly, he is a little put out by this.  OK, so I should have said something like ‘you look good’.  But I can’t.  This is only for sex – he can’t Skype me unless his wife/girlfriend is out of the room (I’m guessing), so, stuff it – he has to be more than fucking average!

At one point he tells me that a man has NEVER refused him; this, after he told me I was arrogant!  Ah well, this is Italian men for you.  The last message he sent me said ‘Best Regards’ at the end.  Hmm, I am guessing that he may not want to meet me after all……..:-)

n the meantime, this online stuff has taken me all bloody evening.  Well, not exactly online since I spoke with Robert (?) the guy from Pavia who is the country lawyer – we are meeting on Wednesday (after I meet this guy Hector for aperitivo) for a pizza or something and a long conversation with Bruce followed by several emails, with pictures of dogs, cats, birds and himself (not quite as attractive as the first picture but nonetheless attractive).  We shall see.  He obviously wants to meet me on Sunday and a trip to Pavia would be nice as it is a nice place……….It’s got to be different from the Venice trip………….I bloody well hope.

Oh yes, and some strange messages from a guy who is into dentists…..but that’s for the other blog……..this world gets stranger by the minute………..

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4 thoughts on “Men are a problem – can’t live with them, can’t live without them!

  1. Hey Andy
    Still loving the blogging of this strange and wonderful journey of yours. The guy who has a thing for dentists just sounds wrong. Although I’ve never trusted people who aren’t at least a little afraid of the dentist!

  2. Thanks TSM.

    I know. I couldn’t quite get my head round that one. But he loved everything about the dentist experience and, it seems, particularly the idea of drilling without anesthetic! That’s when it had to stop…..!

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